Sunday, 30 August 2015

Maths portfolio sample

Description: I have been working with Tory for maths.this term we look at multiplication and division.

Big idea and imagines 

The question here was 180 divided by 35 =
So I went 35  70 105 140 175 and I could not add 35 again so the answer was 5 r 5
The r means remainder.

R & C
With this it was the same question as the one above but I rounded it and then I compensation it.

PVP stands for place value proposition.

With this one I did the same strategy as the one at the top but with a different question.

Evaluation:I think I rushed it a bit.

Feedback and feedfordward: you did wel, but I can't really understand what you were doing. You could add how you did it.

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  1. Hunter, your pictures show the strategy you have used, but I find your description of what you did quite brief and I would be unable to follow it if I didn't know what you were doing. Next time think about explaining that better please.