Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Two stars and a wish

First star: INQUARY when we did the building on mincraft
Second star: when I did all my work and I got to o go out to potuma sports.  
Wish: to get out to potuma story every Friday 

Thursday, 18 September 2014

Building inquiry

WALT:  gather information

Description: Every Wednesday we have been learning about the inquiry process while finding out about different houses around the world. First we chose a question and then researched to find the answer to our question. Our question was ‘What are houses like in England and why are they like this? Each group had to pick a country and inquiry into what their houses are like, present their findings in a Haiku Deck and then build their house in Minecraft.

I think that I am an apprentice because I know that we got quite a lot of information.


1. What are you most proud of? 

Inside the house because we fitted a lot of stuff in it.

2. What did you find challenging?

Puting detail in to our house because we did not get that much information( photos )

3. My next ‘Get It’ goal is?

Use the internet way better.

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

My writing

WALT: to entertain 
Task: to do some writing about why my teacher is late.
This is a comic that I did about why my teacher is late.

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Reading sample

WALT: Fluency - read accurately, with expression and understand what we read.

Description: We have been reading articles from around the world about peculiar news

Fluency: Money truck crashes

An armoured truck overturned on a highway in Rhode Island, USA,  causing bags of money to spill all over the road which quickly caught the attention of other drivers.
Police say the driver lost control and the truck swerved off the highway onto the grass and tipped onto its side.
Both the driver and the other person in the truck received cuts and bruises and possibly neck and back injuries.
The money was in clear plastic bags and canvas duffel bags and the scene of the accident was soon swarming with passers-by but police are unsure whether any money was taken.
A second truck was called and the money was transferred as police supervised and kept passers-by away from the scene.

Task: Respond to the article you have just read using full sentences.
1. Who is the main person or group of people in this news article?
The main group in this article is the police because in the photo I saw them standing around the truck. 
2. What was the key event from the news article?
The key event in this story is the Money truck crush
3. Where did this event take place?
The event took place USA 
4. When did this event take place?
The event took place September 2, 2014
5. Why did this event happen?

The event happened because money truck went out of controll and went in to the grass
1. What do you think is the best part of the article?
The money
2. What was the hardest part about completing this portfolio sample?
That we did not have that much time to conplete it.
3.  Next time, what is a goal you can work towards?
Put some more information in this.  

I think it is a good post but you could have a picture for people to see it. 

Math sample

WALT: we are learning how to continue a number patten and find the rule for finding the next number .

Description: For maths this term we have been learning a range of strategies to help us solve algebra problems. 

Task:  Make a short movie or a poster to prove that you have achieved your maths goal.


Show, explain, prove your goal and how you did it
Clear message
Two questions to show your learning
Correct answer

What are you most proud of and why? The font because it looks good .

What challenged you the most and why?how long it took to do this.

Next time, what is a goal you can work towards? Do same more writing 

Hi Hunter,
I like how you have put some pictures inside of your pic collage to show the reader what you are talking about. I think next time you need to work on your background in your pic collage because it might suck the energy away from your writing and maybe next time you could add a bit more detail in your evaluation but apart from those 2 things great work Hunter.
You are a great role model for others!

Monday, 1 September 2014

Today's adventure

What whould you do if you woke up and all the clocks were dead? I would go to a clock shop then check every clock it would be so boring. You would be late for every thing you would go to school at midnight and then the cops thought that you were trying to break in. Then they put you in jail and if you were in the shower then your mum said you have not been in there that long because you were 
Jumping would be late for school. It would be so anoying you would have to stay in there for so long. I would hate if the time run out. If you want to hear my next story keep in touch. 
What if ther was dinosaurs in our time "Roarrrrr!"