Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Reading sample

WALT: Fluency - read accurately, with expression and understand what we read.

Description: We have been reading articles from around the world about peculiar news

Fluency: Money truck crashes

An armoured truck overturned on a highway in Rhode Island, USA,  causing bags of money to spill all over the road which quickly caught the attention of other drivers.
Police say the driver lost control and the truck swerved off the highway onto the grass and tipped onto its side.
Both the driver and the other person in the truck received cuts and bruises and possibly neck and back injuries.
The money was in clear plastic bags and canvas duffel bags and the scene of the accident was soon swarming with passers-by but police are unsure whether any money was taken.
A second truck was called and the money was transferred as police supervised and kept passers-by away from the scene.

Task: Respond to the article you have just read using full sentences.
1. Who is the main person or group of people in this news article?
The main group in this article is the police because in the photo I saw them standing around the truck. 
2. What was the key event from the news article?
The key event in this story is the Money truck crush
3. Where did this event take place?
The event took place USA 
4. When did this event take place?
The event took place September 2, 2014
5. Why did this event happen?

The event happened because money truck went out of controll and went in to the grass
1. What do you think is the best part of the article?
The money
2. What was the hardest part about completing this portfolio sample?
That we did not have that much time to conplete it.
3.  Next time, what is a goal you can work towards?
Put some more information in this.  

I think it is a good post but you could have a picture for people to see it. 

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  1. What a crazy article Hunter. You show a good understanding of it but you could have made your answers a bit more detailed and make sure you check your spelling once completed.