Sunday, 6 September 2015

TE REO Portfolio sample

Description: On Wednesday arfternoons we do Te Reo while the kappa haka kids are at the hall. We are doing Maori body parts. We learnt that some things aren't that different like Ringa is fingers and Ringa Ringa is hands. Me and Jayden made a puppet pal to show you the Maori body parts. We made up a sort of quiz to show them. If you now them maybe you could challenge yourself and before I answer them. Here is our video:

Big idea:we had to make something to teach someone it could be any one me and Jayden chose to make a puppet pal to teach little kid we tried to make it funny so that they would make it fun to watch and it would still teach them.

Evolution: I think we didn't know what to do and say at some parts.

Feedback and feedfordwards:I think you could of showed witch person was witch like I thought you were Jayden.

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  1. You have tried hard to make your movie interesting for younger children and I think it would do a great job to help teach them different body parts. You could have considered adding a few more body parts to your movie to teach them some more. A well written post, well done.