Wednesday, 17 February 2016


Description: For the last week we have been working towards making a Waitangi Day video / poster treaty / myn is the treaty everyone worked hard to make their. 

Big idea: for my activity I made a treaty with Eli we decided to make a vote for the top five questions out of seven. Then we put them all in to our treaty. 
We learnt that the British came over to new zeland to get more land but they made bad deals and the treaty was translated badly.

Feedback: I think the treaty is a very cleaver idea to do and I think it's turned out really good. Next you could of added more rules. 

Evaluation: I think I did well in writing out the treaty and me and Eli worked well together.
I think we were multi because we had more then three ideas 

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  1. Hunter, it was great to see that you and Eli worked so hard to create a class treaty for us and it's awesome that you did it getting everyone involved. Something to consider... What did you learn about the Treaty of Waitangi by creating our class one?