Thursday, 25 February 2016


In class we have making a movie about listening it hade to be 30sc and 3p groups the group hade to have a y5 y6 and a mix of girls and boys.


Big idea: we have leant that the best listening is active listening active listening I when you are making eye contact with them and body language or agreeing with them and asking questions.
And there is. Bad listening like me to or busy listening me to listening is when you but in and talk about how you did something alike and busy listening is when you are doing something different and not listening.

Feedback and feedfordwards:your video is good but you need to speak a little bit louder other than that it is really good -Atlanta 

I think that pur group did good but we should have been more excited about it 

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  1. Hunter, you guys worked together really well and your movie clearly shows the difference between the two types of listeners. Next time think about adding in 'me too' listening.