Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Reading portfolio sample

Description: In Reading we have been attending workshops based on our goal. We did a star test at the start of last term and from that we chose our goal. Comprehension or Expanding Vocabulary. We have 2 Workshops a week for thirty minutes. We also have one Gym time which goes for an hour. There are two hours a day and 3 days for a week. When we don't have a workshop or Gym we do a tic tac toe.

Success Criteria:
- Text to Text When you make a Text to Text connection you relate two bits of text together
- Text to Self When you make a Text to Self connection you relate something that you have done that is in the text
- Text to World When you make a Text to World connection you relate something in the text to something that's happened in the world

Big Idea: In this tic tac toe we had to think of someone who is just like you and draw a picture of them and write why they are just like you!

Feed back and feed forward: I agree hunter you are fast but maybe you should work on your kicking see how you go#jacobw

Evaluation: I think I need to work on my text to text.

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  1. Hunter, I get the feeling that you rushed to complete this post as we all know you are capable of more. Lets hope next time you put yourself in the Learning Pit more to bring out your best quality work.