Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Math portfolio sample

Description: In math I am in stage six in stage six.We are learning four strategys so that we can use the best one four the question that you are doing.

Big idea:I have been learning how to do Place value, Rounding and Compensating, Reversibility, equal addition in our work shops the one I find easiest is rounding and compensating.

This is my work:

Feedback & feedfordward: You have done some great work. You have used lots of different startegies. Next time I think that you could label them so people know what strategy you are using. :) Georgia

Evaluation:I think I did  think I did well but I did not label my strategy.

1 comment:

  1. Hunter, I can see you have shown the working out, but I found your bookwork not that easy to follow. I know you are very capable of doing these strategies, so next time think about your audience and how they would love to learn from you.