Monday, 22 August 2016

Writing portfolio sample

Description: this tearm we watched a video on how tennis balls are made and put done some ideas that we got from watching the video and then crossed out all off the things that had anything to do with tennis or tennis balls. 

 here is the Link to the video that we watched:

This is my writing: 

Feedback and Feedfordwards : I think that your story is very creative, I liked how his pants started to rip. maybe next time you could read your story to see if it makes sense because I discovered some mistakes. -Hannah P

I think I have done well but it took a long time and I mucked around a bit and my story is not that long.

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  1. Hunter, I like the effort you have put into your story and it is great to see you getting into your writing. Next time think about painting a clear picture for the reader with the language you use.