Sunday, 30 March 2014

Art day

On wensday we made clay.
A artist came in her name was ray.
she made clay pots.
Her is a photo of what I made with clay

WALT: share an experience with an audience
Success Criteria:
Share an experience so that someone else feels as thought they are experiencing it with you.
Share what you learnt
Share what you would do differently next time

The swimming and maths were included in the task...

Monday, 24 March 2014

Stats sharp shooting

WALT calculate the mean, median, mode and range for a set of data.
TASK Elly and Troy want to find out once and for all: 
which Activity Group has the overall best score, (mean)
which Activity Group has the highest middle number, (median)
what score was the most common, (mode)
which activity group has the highest range. (range)  

In everyday life people collect data to look for trends and make decisions. In order to analyse the information, we need to understand the different ways to lOOK at the data.

Success Criteria you will know you are successful when: 
calculate the mean by adding up all the data (9 + 4 + 4 + 5 + 8 = 30) then divide the total by how many numbers there were (9, 4, 4, 5, 8 = 5 numbers so 30 ÷ 5 = 6).
calculate the median by ordering all numbers from smallest to biggest then selecting the middle number (4, 4, 5, 8, 9 = 5 is the middle number). If there are 6 numbers e.g. 4, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, then the median is halfway = 5.5.
calculate the mode by identifying which number occurs most often (4, 4, 5, 8, 9 = 4 because there are two of them). You can have more than one mode.
calculate the range by finding the difference between the highest and lowest numbers (9 - 4 = 5).

Air rife score
Total: 128

Mean: 42.5

Median: 42



Tom: 44 44 45 
Ana: 26 26 31
Adam: 6 23 13 
Kate:  1 14 32
Georgia: 20 37 42

Group range: 43   
group mean: 30
group median: 34
Group mode: 44,42

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

SMART goals


My goal is to not leave my cloths on the floor 
have chosen this goal because my room looks messy 
I know I have achieved this goal when I live camp and my cabin is not messy.

My goal is to climb the climbing wall to the top and not get scared
I have chosen this goal because I am a little bit scared of heights

Monday, 10 March 2014

Two stars one wish

Star: that we were very quite at itime

Star: that I had fun in class

Wish: that we did more maths

Sunday, 9 March 2014

Stem & leaf graph

Hunters reaicton time

Statistics:  Stem and Leaf Graph

WALT: gather, display and discuss data

Success Criteria:  

  • Gather relevant information

  • Display data on a stem and leaf graph

  • Make some conclusions about the data


To present information about reaction times using a ruler.

Data: 30+,27,10,30+,17,20,14,12,7,15

Stem and Leaf Graph:

Sorted Stem and Leaf Graph:

my biggest reaicton time is 30+ and my littles 


Self Assessment:

  • I can gather relevant information

  • I can display data on a stem and leaf graph

  • I can make some conclusions about the data

Peer Assessment:

  • I can gather relevant information

  • I can display data on a stem and leaf graph

  • I can make some conclusions about the data



Thursday, 6 March 2014

Tuesday, 4 March 2014


Nearly 40 people in Auckland have recently been diagnosed with the infectious measles disease.
Westlake Boys High School on Aucklands North Shore is one of the hardest hit communities with 20 ill students. 
Several other Westlake Boys High pupils who have not been immunised against measles have been asked to stay away for the next two weeks.
Measles is a very serious disease that is highly contagious and can spread through the air when an infected person coughs or sneezes. 
The symptoms include fever, a cough, sore eyes and a rash. There is no treatment, and complications can be severe.
The Auckland Health Service has estimated that around 750 people are at immediate risk of catching the highly contagious disease.
Dr. Julia Peters said the Health Service had been working with the North Shore school for just over a week when the first case of measles was found there.
"This is definitely more than what we'd normally see. We're working hard to contain the measles within the Auckland region."
Dr. Peters said many people who had come down with the disease had recently been overseas and, in particular, in the Philippines.
The public health service has sent information to parents and students at Westlake Boys High and asked that those students who are not sure whether they have been immunised against measles to stay away.
"What we're trying to do is isolate those students as well as those who have measles, because students who are not immunised can get sick," she said.
Another seven cases of measles in Auckland are being investigated - three of them from the same school.
What to watch for Symptoms
* High fever.
* Runny nose, cough, red eyes.
* Small white spots inside mouth.
* Red, blotchy rash on face and neck and later over entire body.

WALT: Analysing an article
Task: Answer questions based on a Newspaper Article.
Success Criteria:
Show critical thinking in your answers.
Answer questions in full sentences.
Use correct spelling and punctuation.

1) How do people contract measles?
People can contract measles By being next to someone with measles and if you have not been immunised.

2) Why do you think so many students at Westlake High School have contracted measles?
It is because someone had measles and spreaded it to more people.

3) What is the Auckland Health Services main role in this measles outbreak? 
It is to keep it in Auckland so it does not want it to spread to other parts of the country.

4) In the article Dr. Peters said “many people who had come down with the disease had recently been overseas and, in particular, in the Philippines.” Why do you think this is? 
It is ecause the disease is in the tropics.

5) In your opinion what would be the best way to avoid getting measles?
I think I will not go to Auckland so I don't get measles.

Use the following criteria to assess yourself and your peer
Show critical thinking in your answers.
Answer questions in full sentences.
Use correct spelling and punctuation.

Self Assessment:

I think I did a good job. *

Yellow Target 

Peer Assessment: I like how you described your answer creatively like number 5.  Next time you could write because and finish of the sentence. Well Done!!! From Georgia 

Yellow Target


Monday, 3 March 2014


WALT: use a change of pace and direction to get free for a pass (attacking).  

At CMIYC we a learning to get free for a pass.
We do that by doing explosive moves.

Milania lang is only 5 years old but she didn't let 6.8km of busy roads get in the way of an epic solo scooter journey

Milania Lang is only 5 years old, but she didn't let 6.8km of busy roads get in the way of an epic solo scooter journey.
Milania's intrepid outing began when mum Kamilla took her and two friends, plus Kamilla's 19-year-old niece Danielle, to watch a movie at the Auckland waterfront on a recent busy Sunday 
"We'd been at the Lantern Festival and I'd heard there was a kid's movie on at the Wynyard Quarter. So I decided to take the children to see it."
With the three children and Danielle, Kamilla went to an information centre on the waterfront to ask about the film.
"They were only about a metre behind me. I thought Milania was just an arm's reach away." But setting out for Princes Wharf, Kamilla realised Milania was missing.
"I asked the others if they knew where she was; but they didn't. So we started frantically looking." But Milania was nowhere to be seen.
Security staff reviewed CCTV footage, which revealed Milania had looked away at the moment the others went into the centre and it showed her looking around, confused, and scootering off in the opposite direction. 
Kamilla called the rest of Milania's family and they came immediately to join the search. After about an hour, the police were called.
One of the officers asked if there was any chance of Milania having gone home. Kamilla thought it unlikely but went with an officer to their home almost 7km away.
"I left the other children with my friend, and drove home in the car. The officer said it was time for us to alert the media and get a helicopter out. That really hit me hard."
They arrived at the family home, but Milania was nowhere to be seen. As they were driving back, a policewoman saw a small child four doors from the home, sitting on a footpath.
"She asked me 'is that her'," said Kamilla. And it was and she was very tired and quiet, but calm. The first thing she said to me was 'you lost me Mum'!
Milania explained she'd lost sight of the group and thought they must have headed home. "So she decided to scooter home to find us. She had to cross some of Auckland's busiest streets all by herself."
Milania's journey is all the more remarkable as she has been to the Wynyard Quarter only two or three times this summer.
Asked if she was scared or sad during her epic journey, Milania responded: "I cried, but just a little."

Comprehension Questions

WALT: Analysing an article

Record your responses to the following questions on your blog. (Think about a suitable title) 

1) Do you think Milania did the right thing no What could she have done instead stay where she was.
2) What are some potential dangers that Milania faced kid napers
3) Define Frantically and what is another word for it that you could use.